Ultimate Moisturizing Routine for All Skin Types

Skip your regular moisturizer! We have created a set of hydration bliss for your skin. The hydration level in your skin layers defines the beauty and smoothness of your skin like nothing else. We believe this to be the most important factor in your skincare.

It does not matter what your skin type is: dry, combination, or oily. With these three products, you can perfectly meet your skin’s demands—whether you want more hydration for dehydrated skin or more oil for dry skin, or perhaps both!

Step 1: Immersion Drops are beneficial for every skin type as they help retain moisture for longer periods.
Step 2: Use Soothing Aloe Vera Gel in several layers if your skin is super thirsty.
Step 3: Apply 1-2 drops of Regenerating Face oil for combination/oily skin. Apply a few more drops if your skin is dry or to meet the challenges of cold weather for heavier moisturizing.

This skincare routine:

  • will make your skin glow,
  • includes the best quality active ingredients,
  • can provide more hydration than a regular moisturizer,
  • offers anti-aging protection,
  • gives you control and flexibility over your skin type needs,
  • won’t make your skin breakout, won’t clog your pores.

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Dry or dehydrated skin? how to tell

Your skin can be dry, oily, normal, or combination, yet any of these types can experience dehydration, resulting in flakiness, itching, or feeling excessively tight. How can you distinguish between dry and dehydrated skin, and what are the remedies?


Issue: lacks oil.
Skin type: skin produces less oil.

Dry skin lacks oil, which gives flexibility, skin barrier which protects our skin from environmental factors and chemicals.

dehydrated skin

Issue: lacks water.
Skin condition: weakened skin’s barrier.

Dehydrated skin needs water, which gives flexibility, smoothness, plumpness and ensures normal processes.


It has small pores, is prone to fine lines and wrinkles and moisturizer sinks into the skin.


It has large pores and blackheads, it’s prone to acne, breakouts and your makeup slides during the day.

Recommendations for skin type

We are offering some tips for different skin types. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or a combination, discover personalized advice to improve your skincare routine.

For dry skin

Use face oil.
Use moisturizers higher content of occlusives and emollients.
Use cleansers with oils.
Use micellar water. Rinse afterwards.

For dehydrated skin

Use serums and moisturizers with humectants (glycerin, hyaluronic acid) to hold more moisture.
Use additional moisture supply, such as Pure Aloe Vera Gel or thermal waters.
Decrease cleansing to keep skin’s barrier as intact as possible.
Always use occlusives. You need to trap humectants and moisture in (think vazeline, sleeping masks, face oils).

for oily + dehydrated skin

You may want to avoid occlusives during daytime as they tend to be greasy.

for oily skin

More hydration, less oils.
Nonetheless, the face oils may be beneficial to oily skin. We’re discussing this topic here.