Ultimate Glow Kit


Depuff, hydrate, moisturize and boost your skin with antioxidants!

What’s in it:
super hydration serum
hydrating and soothing aloe vera gel
regenerating face oil
nourishing lip balm
depuffing jade roller

Why you need it:
– ultimate kit for restoring your skin hydration and preventing aging, taking care of your lips and making your skin glow.



With this kit you will get everything included in our Skin Care Kit, but pimped with a lip balm for soft and smooth lips and a jade roller for massaging everything into the skin and making that lymphatic system move.


  • will help you to reduce the puffiness of the skin, the appearance of under eye swelling (especially if your roller is cold) and stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation;
  • will take care of your lips, especially if they are chapped and always dry;
  • will make your skin glow;
  • includes best quality active ingredients;
  • gives more hydration than regular moisturizer;
  • provides anti-aging protection;
  • gives you control and flexibility over your skin needs;
  • won’t make your skin breakout, won’t clog your pores.


Use it in the morning to depuff your face more effectively as it helps with lymph drainage and gives some coolness to your face.

Use it at night after you have washed your face and applied your nighttime facial oil. After your PM skincare routine roll away all over your skin. It is said that not only does this help with circulation, but it also helps your oils or serums to reach a deeper level of your skin, allowing the product to really penetrate and do its job.


Immersion Drops is a semi-light fast absorbing hydrating serum. It draws moisture from environment and plumps your skin cells. Suitable for any skin type, sensitive, dry, mature skin, especially with enlarged pores.

  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Evens skin texture.
  • Attracts and binds the moisture.
  • Helps other cosmetics products to soak in.

Use it on a clean skin. Can be used with other serums to target specific skincare goals.


Perfect hydrating substance, which is almost identical to fresh Aloe Vera juice. You will get all the benefits of this ancient remedy with wound healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Is super hydrating.
  • Soothes the skin.
  • Reduces inflammation.

Use after Immersion Drops – the serum will hold Aloe Vera and bind moisture to your skin for longer. For more hydration just use a thicker layer of this gel.

Step #4: FACE OIL

Face Oil is a king when it comes to protection and anti-aging! It provides your skin with extremely rich antioxidants and most researched beneficial vitamins A, E, C, ferulic and fruit acids.

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps to prevent their formation.
  • Improves cells turnover.
  • Regenerates damaged cells.
  • Prevents water loss from the skin.

Use it as a last step in your skincare routine. 1-3 drops for normal routine. Add a couple of drops for more rich texture and heavier moisturizing.

Step #3: LIP BALM

End your routine with healing lip balm. Leaves your lips nourished and protected. In fact, it is so protective and versatile that you can use it on your hands when they need extra protection and hydration.


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